Storage Management

Networked storage systems allow for tiered storage, whereby companies can reduce storage costs by allocating redundant high performance storage to business critical data and relegating lower cost and higher capacity storage to historical data and archiving purposes. All these different storage platforms can be managed from one interface eliminating the overhead of managing separate systems.

Several factors are driving companies to switch to networked storage:

  • The demand for storage is growing exponentially
  • Difficulty of managing a growing number of systems with locally attached storage
  • Backup windows are not being met
  • Need for disaster recovery
  • Complexity and cost of adding more storage to existing servers

A company's ability to conduct business relies more and more on its ability to access critical information. As the amount of data grows exponentially and the demand for higher service levels increases, businesses are under increasing pressure to find cost effective solutions for their backup and recovery needs. MetroTech can help protect your business by identifying risks to determine the recovery point and recovery time objectives of critical systems.

MetroTech also realizes that you need different strategies depending on the types of data you have. Our solutions are tailored to your specialized environments.