How efficiently is your business functioning? Are you collaborating well internally? With your customers? With your partners? What about Mobility? Are your employees able to access important information securely on-the-go? In today’s fast paced, social world, it doesn’t take long before the IT department is overwhelmed with data, requests for Bring your own devices, social media access, etc. Metrotech will work with you to find the perfect solution to cut down your IT department’s overload, push analytics results faster and allow all your employees to be work together more efficiently.

With IBM’s extensive top of the line software products, our experts can take your pain points and turn them into success stories. Here are just a few of the areas and products we specialize in:

Social Collaboration

  • IBM Smartcloud Engage
  • IBM Connections Suite
  • IBM Lotus Notes


  • IBM Cognos
  • IBM OpenPages
  • IBM Algorithmics

Enterprise Management

  • IBM Tivoli Suite
  • Smartcloud Management
  • IBM Endpoint Manager

From data mining, analyzing, and collaborating all the way to securing your data, MetroTech’s experts will work with you to tailor the perfect solution to fit your needs today, and for the future of your business.