There isn’t anything more crucial to your business than your Data. In Today’s digital world, everything needs to be stored, from emails to invoices, even chats with colleagues; MetroTech can help make sure all that information is stored properly, securely and efficiently. Our storage experts will assess your current environment, needs, pain points, requirements and future goals to architect the perfect solution to fit your needs. We have partnered with leading storage vendors such as IBM, HP and Quantum to provide you with open and scalable infrastructure solutions that are necessary to protect, consolidate, share and utilize your company's critical data. Optimize your ROI by choosing MetroTech’s experts to assist you on choosing the right storage solution tailored to your environment. We can help in all areas including:

  • Disk storage systems
  • Tape systems
  • Data de-duplication
  • Storage area networks
  • Storage virtualization
  • Network-attached storage
  • Encryption
  • Storage management software solutions
  • Storage optimization

We have full-service offerings for our IBM System Storage practice ranging from planning and implementation to on-site installation or project management. Allow our experts to show you the benefits of the new generation of network storage. From tiered storage using SSD’s and the cloud, to virtualization and policy automation, today’s storage environment is faster, easier and more efficient than ever before.