Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Today’s healthcare industry is undergoing a major change: The transformation to an accountable care model. Governmental, payer and industry bodies have all proposed healthcare quality measures designed to improve patient outcomes.

Most healthcare organizations realize they can’t sustain their current fee-for-service model and know they will need to change. Organizations are implementing new technologies that enable information to be accessed, exchanged and analyzed, and patients to be monitored in new and different ways that have never before existed.

Organizations that want to make a successful transition to accountable care will make fundamental changes in how they do business and provide care. In most cases, those that end up on top will have taken most, if not all, of the following actions:

  • Establish a strategy and roadmap for change
  • Adopt smart mobile technologies
  • Expand patient communication methods
  • Incorporate new technologies and utilize more data

Metrotech has the expertise and solutions to help you achieve your transformation to an accountable care organization.