Data centers across the world are collectively trying to “do more with less” and consolidate their environments while still enabling growth. IT organizations are implementing innovative ways to deal with the “data explosion” such as virtualizing not only their servers but their storage as well. Virtualization enables your environment to become more flexible, agile and more importantly allows you to fully utilize your existing infrastructure. Applying new technologies can also bring added pressures onto those who manage your data centers, and this is where MetroTech is a critical asset to your team.

When looking into leading technology pertaining to your Server environment it is important to find a team that architects a solution to fit your specific needs. What are you looking to accomplish by implementing this server? What size company are you, SMB? Enterprise? What type of applications are you looking to run? Are you looking for a virtualization enabled server? Rack or Tower ? etc. With partnerships with IBM and HP, our experts will be able to put together server configurations to not only fit your needs today but also to fit your goals for tomorrow.